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Discover new flavours & culture from across the world with different meals each week!

Free up your evenings and treat yourself to plant-based meals with flavours from around the world!
All meals come in a decomposable sleeve with biodegradable packaging🌱

Discover new flavours & culture from across the world with different meals each week!

Free up your evenings and treat yourself to plant-based meals with flavours from around the world!
All meals come in a decomposable sleeve with biodegradable packaging🌱

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DELIVERY DATE: 27/07/2021

  • Jackfruit Mutton, Rice & peas with Kale

    An absolute favourite growing up, there was nothing better than a Sunday morning, when the soul classics are playing and my Mother is cleaning the house after marinating the food the night before.
    A symphony of spices slowly cooking in the pressure cooker for hours, smelling the aroma as I woke up to interrogate my mom about what is for dinner, knowing that my nose has already answered these questions, I needed the answers from the source.
    This is a staple dish that is cemented in Caribbean culture, so to make a vegan version and to be proud of the outcome is truly an honour, we present to you, the national dish of Jamaica (turned vegan) Jackfruit mutton with rice and peas.

  • Chickpea Curry with Coconut Wild Rice & Pumpkin

    My signature dish, the first meal I made as a vegan and the first meal to of ever sold under Jam N Vegan. With the inspiration coming from Trinidad and Tobago. The dish started off the whole process of my journey to becoming a vegan chef, I hold this meal close to my heart. Chickpeas bathed In a luscious coconut cream sauce and sat besides the iconic medley of coconut wild rice, roasted pumpkin and green beans.

  • Jerk Tofu Rice & Peas, Braised Cabbage & Gravy

    Jerk is a complex blend of seasonings including scallions, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, thyme, allspice, black pepper and many other spices. All of its ingredients grow on the island’s fertile green landscape. We marinate our tofu for a prolonged period and then slowly roast it in the medley of Jamaican spices. Served with some traditional rice and peas, sweet jerk gravy, braised cabbage and tender-stem broccoli.

  • Mung Bean Curry, Bombay Potatoes & Cauliflower Rice

    The mung bean is an absolute powerhouse for nutrition and has been used in a ayurvedic diet for years. Considered as a medicinal bean, it is only right we created a authentic and flavoursome Indian mung bean curry. In this dish we have taken a medley of dishes from India and made a flavour rollercoaster.

  • Tobago Tofish with Garlic Mash & Tenderstem

    Rundown is a Jamaican and Tobago cuisine which a selection of ingredients, cooked down in tomato, onions and traditional seasoning. This is served with a garlic mash and sauteed broccoli
    I would always steal parts of the rundown sauce from the stove whilst Mom was away from the Kitchen. DON’T TELL HER!

  • Caribbean Mac n Cheez with Jerk Crumb

    Now, we all know Mac N cheese is a worldwide phenomenon and that every cuisine and culture has their own way of presenting it. We opted for the roots and spiced up our bachamerl sauce and topped it with a jerk spiced CRUMB

  • Rasta pasta with coconut sambol

    This was a dish that took a series of plant based experiments with a combination and style that I adapted from Mexican vegan tacos and transfor`d to make a curried tofu mince which is a style of cooking I witnessed growing up and originating from the Caribbean. Then adding pasta and fresh coconut to the dish. BOOM! We give you Rasta Pasta.

  • Indian style Shepards Pie with lentil filling

    Origins- india

    Shephards pie is a british classic…..well not at Jam n vegan ! we take this ‘classic’ and create a rich flavoursome lentil filling and topped with an Indian curried mashed potato known as aloo Bharta! This was truly a delight to create. I know they say, don’t change a classic, but its different with our family. Oops!

  • Lentil Moussaka with Bachamel & herb Crumb

    Moussaka was always a family favourite, with the culture of Greece and ours being Caribbean we made a palette of flavours that teased the taste buds. With every recipe, its always about making it your own, respect the origin of both the dish and your culture.

  • Chickpea and Chana Saag daal, with fresh flatbread

    Origin- India

    Travelling through India was the biggest cultural experience I had whilst away. From the ceremonies, to the hospitality and the tastes of possibly my favourite cuisine on the earth! Daal for breakfast, daal for lunch daal for dinner. All with individual components that made each dish vary in the most dramatic way, but the saag daal, stayed with me! the richness of the sauce and the hulk coloured spinach, fortified together to build the ultimate Saag. What a dish.

  • East African bean stew with jallof rice

    Origin- Ethiopia and Nigeria

    Ethiopia is known for producing some of the best coffee- but also takes vegan diets very seriously, allowing periods of the year to fast in order to cleanse the body on just plant based foods. We use a classic Ethiopian berbere spice to flavour this tomato-rich bean stew.
    Accompanied by Jollof rice. This is a spiced dish, simmered in reduced tomatoes, onions, peppers, and different seasonings depending on where it’s made. It’s an iconic dish, with massive regional significance across West Africa.

  • Sri lanken Mango curry served with turmeric rice

    Culture- Sri lanken

    This is my take on a green mango curry I had whilst travelling through Sri lanka, Weligama. With the aromatic sri lanken base of coconut milk, garlic, chillies and curry leaves. Served with spiced turmeric rice. Sri Lanka is truly one of my spirit places!

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    6 Meal Box: Build Your Own6 Meal Box: Build Your Own

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