Indian style Shepards Pie with lentil filling

Origins- india

Shephards pie is a british classic…..well not at Jam n vegan ! we take this ‘classic’ and create a rich flavoursome lentil filling and topped with an Indian curried mashed potato known as aloo Bharta! This was truly a delight to create. I know they say, don’t change a classic, but its different with our family. Oops!

ShephardsPiewithGarlicMash(55.3%)[Vegetablestockcubes(22.5%)(Celery),Lentils(19%),Mushrooms(12.5%),Chickpeas(12%),Carrots(6.2%), Celery(5%),Shallots(4.7%),Red onions (4.7%), Mixed bell peppers (3.1%), Sun dried tomatoes (3%) (Sulphites), Plant butter (1.9%), Garlic (1.6%), Bisto Gluten Free Gravy Granules 175g (1.3%) [Potato Starch, Palm Fat, Maltodextrin, Salt, Caramelised Sugar, Rice Flour, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Emulsifier (E322), Onion Powder, Flavourings, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Rosemary], Tomato puree (0.7%), Olive Oil (0.65%), Soy sauce (0.25%) (Wheat), Pink salt (0.21%), Paprika (0.15%), Browning (0.12%), Black pepper (0.09%), Garlic (0.07%), Dried oregano (0.07%), Onion powder (0.07%)], Aloo Bharta Mash (44.2%) [Potatoes (91.3%), Red onions (2.2%), Spring onions (2.1%), Plant butter (1.8%), Coriander (0.97%), Green chilli peppers (0.61%), Salt (0.37%), Coriander seeds (0.29%), Black pepper (0.15%), Cumin seeds (0.12%), Cayenne pepper (0.07%)], Coriander (0.44%)

Heating Instructions

35-45 Minutes

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