Tobago Tofish with Garlic Mash & Broccoli

Rundown is a Jamaican and Tobago cuisine which a selection of ingredients, cooked down in tomato, onions and traditional seasoning. This is served with a garlic mash and sauteed broccoli.
I would always steal parts of the rundown sauce from the stove whilst Mom was away from the Kitchen. DON’T TELL HER!

MashRecipe(47.8%)[Potatoes(95.2%),Garlic(2.8%),Plantbutter(1.7%),Pinksalt(0.35%)],TofishCurry(47.8%)[Tofu(59%)( Soya,Sulphites),TofishMarinade(40.4%)[Water(73.3%), Spring onions (13.9%), Bajan paste seasoning (5.4%) [Onions, water, chives, salt, sugar, glacial acetic acid, chili pepper, thyme, marjoram, celery, parsley, black pepper, white pepper, ginger, oregano, nutmeg, garlic, cloves ], Olive Oil (2.4%), Pink salt (1.9%), Nori seaweed (1.7%), Red chilli peppers (0.74%), Black pepper (0.62%)], Jerk Rub Spice Mix (0.66%) [Brown sugar (22.3%), Garlic (16.7%), Onion powder (14.9%), Pink salt (11.2%), Cayenne pepper (5.6%), Paprika (5.6%), Dried parsley (5.6%), Pink peppercorn (3.7%), Pimento (3.7%), Black pepper (3.7%), Cumin seeds (2.3%), Ground cinnamon (1.9%), Ground nutmeg (1.9%), Dried thyme (0.93%)]], Broccoli (4.4%)

Heating Instructions

10-12 Minutes

35-45 Minutes

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