Jackfruit Mutton, Rice & Peas with Green Cabbage

An absolute favourite growing up, there was nothing better than a Sunday morning, when the soul classics are playing and my Mother is cleaning the house after marinating the food the night before.
A symphony of spices slowly cooking in the pressure cooker for hours, smelling the aroma as I woke up to interrogate my mom about what is for dinner, knowing that my nose has already answered these questions, I needed the answers from the source.
This is a staple dish that is cemented in Caribbean culture, so to make a vegan version and to be proud of the outcome is truly an honour, we present to you, the national dish of Jamaica (turned vegan) Jackfruit mutton with rice and peas.

Jackfruit Mutton (44.4%) [Plant mutton (42.9%) [Mushroom (60%), Water, Soya Bean Oil, Isolated Soya Bean Protein, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Salt, Spice and Seasoning], Water (25.7%), Jackfruits (11.4%), Tomatoes (4.8%), Butter beans (4.6%), Onions (2.7%), Spring onions (1.9%), Curry powder (1.7%), Tomato puree (0.76%), Olive Oil (0.74%), Ginger (0.71%), Garlic (0.71%), Plant butter (0.38%) [Plant oils (sustainable palm, sunflower, rapeseed), filtered water, fava bean preparation, plant-based emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavourings], Pimento (0.29%), Thyme (0.24%), Pink salt (0.17%), Vegetable stock cubes (0.1%) (Celery), Sugar (0.09%), Scotch Bonnet Chillies (0.06%), Black pepper (0.04%)], Rice and Peas (44.4%) [Basmati rice (30.3%), Red kidney beans (24.6%), Kidney bean juice (set aside) (16.4%), Coconut milk canned (13.1%), Water (4.9%), Onions (4.1%), Coconut cream (1.6%), Spring onions (1.6%), Ginger (0.82%), Garlic (0.82%), Pink salt (0.61%), Brown sugar (0.37%), Olive Oil (0.25%), Scotch Bonnet Chillies (0.2%), Thyme (0.16%), Vegetable stock cubes (0.16%) (Celery)], Sweet Potato (6.7%) [Sweet potatoes (99%), Olive Oil (0.59%), Pink salt (0.3%), Black pepper (0.1%)], Garlic Sautéed Kale (4.4%) [Curly kale (72.5%), Water (21.6%), Olive Oil (2.7%), Garlic (2%), Vegetable stock cubes (0.48%) (Celery), Pink salt (0.4%), Black pepper (0.19%), Chilli flakes (0.1%)]

Heating Instructions

10-12 Minutes

35-45 Minutes

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