Sri lanken Mango curry served with turmeric rice

Culture- Sri lanken

This is my take on a green mango curry I had whilst travelling through Sri lanka, Weligama. With the aromatic sri lanken base of coconut milk, garlic, chillies and curry leaves. Served with spiced turmeric rice. Sri Lanka is truly one of my spirit places!

Mango curry with chargrilled boccili and roasted cashews (54.1%) [Potatoes (20.6%), Mango Purée (17.5%) [Mango Purée, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid], Tomatoes (11.8%), Coconut milk canned (11.8%), Broccoli (10.3%), Tomatoes (7.3%), Water (7%), Onions (5.9%), Unsalted cashew nuts (2.9%) ( Tree nuts ), Olive Oil (0.76%), Ginger (0.73%), Coriander (0.73%), Garlic (0.73%), Pink salt (0.44%), Madras Curry Powder (0.38%) [Ground Coriander, Ground Turmeric, Mustard Powder, Bengal Gram (Black Chickpea), Ground Cumin, Ground Chilli, Ground Fenugreek, Ground Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Iodised Salt, Ground Fennel], Chettinad curry powder (0.38%), Coriander seeds (0.18%), Cumin seeds (0.18%), Cardamom (0.18%), Garam masala (0.18%), Green chilli peppers (0.09%), Dried bay leaf (0.02%)], Turmeric Rice (43.3%) [Basmati rice (65.8%), Water (28.6%), Garlic (1.8%), Plant butter (1.8%), Curry leaves (0.73%), Turmeric (0.55%), Vegetable stock cubes (0.37%) (Celery), Cumin seeds (0.12%), Dried bay leaf (0.12%), Ground cinnamon (0.07%)], Red peppers (2.2%), Coriander (0.43%)

Heating Instructions

10-12 Minutes

35-45 Minutes

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